Your Access Portal
now has a redesigned interface


Has the information on my account changed?
No, all of your account information and previously available features will remain. They are just displayed in a more accessible design.
Has all my account information been transferred over?
Yes, all of your current account information and history has been transferred to the new look.
When will I be able to go back to the original site?
Once the transition to the new interface has been completed, the original site will be deactivated. However, all of your previously available account information and settings will still be available – and easier to access than before.
How do I view more detailed information about my account?
Click the arrow to the left to expand any one of the headings: Account Balance, Available funds, Investment Instructions, Beneficiary Set, Contribution Summary, Pending Trade Status, Statements or Detail.
How will I access fund information?
Any previously available fund fact sheets, prospectuses, and other investment documentation will continue to be available to you. Simply click the “Documents” button on the home page for access.
Have any of the prior web functions changed on my account?
All previously available functions remain the same.
How do I change my personal information, like my Email or Home address?
Click the Edit icon beside your Email or Home address to change that information. If the Edit icon is not shown, contact your administrator regarding the process to change this information.
How do I sign out?
To sign out, click on the Logout icon at the top-right of each page.
How is my information protected on the new site?
Nothing’s changing – the site adheres to the same privacy and security standards as in the past.